Pramod George - About

a decade of developing products

  • Are your deliverables never on time?
  • Are You Unable To Estimate The Amount Of Work For Each Task?
  • Is your team unable to contribute to your product’s success?
  • Are innovative ideas difficult to come by?
  • Is your roadmap nowhere close to executable?
  • Do you not have a framework that helps make decisions easy at your firm?
  • Are you burning through cash and don’t have profits to show?

Hi, I’m Pramod George and I help teams and firms build profitable products that customers love and setup processes that helps teams reach their full potential.

I’m a leader, inventor, educator, author, and product management expert. Having built products in multiple global markets, I have experience and insights that are rare in such a fast-growing industry. I’ve helped shape the discipline of product management for many teams, and I’m working on the book “Effective Product Leadership”. I’m focused on empowering tech teams and company leaders to build valuable products that the world needs and loves.

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Pramod George – Product Management Consultant