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How to Start Your Own Podcast

how to start a podcast

Here’s how to create, record, and publish your own basic podcast—and get people to listen. All the hardware and software you need to start your podcast today!

Awesome Tip For Choosing Better Domain Names

A powerful tip while choosing a domain name is to check whether your name is available as a social media username. This is a subtle check and something that not a lot of people talk about.

9 Reasons Why Google Domains is the BEST Domain Name Registrar | Entrepreneur Review

Google Domains is a simple to use, powerful and feature rich service powered by the Google brand and will satisfy all your domain name needs. I bought my first domain on this platform and I was thoroughly impressed with the ease and transparency of the process and I couldn’t wait to write this to share with you about the best domain Registrar in the world! 🙂

3 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Domain Name Separately

domain name registration

Most domain hosting services provide free domain name registration when you choose to host a website with them and in this blog post I’m going to explain why buying your domain name from your website hosting services isn’t a great idea.