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Make Money Online - Freelancing

How to make money online? Part 1 – Freelancing

In my extensive experience, there are only 4 broad online business models, or in other words, only 4 basic ways …
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Audible Review

How to Read more: SMART TIP for Building a Reading Habit!

I’ve always loved books but I’ve struggled with maintaining a reading habit. Often life got so busy that I’ve gone …
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What am I good at?

What Am I good at? Here’s how to discover what to do with your life – Online Course (Coming Soon)

Do you want to find out what you are actually good at? Do you want to find out what to …
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7 Things To Do Before You Create Your Website

Is there anything you can do for your online business even before you create your brand’s website? Yes there is! …
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YouTube Mic: The best High-quality mic for just 100$

Audio is a very important part of video production! Sound is an element that is often ignored in video production …
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How To Create A Website in 5 mins – The Simple Guide

Do you want to create an amazing website, but you have no idea how to code or don’t really want …
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is the Canon SL2 (200D) any good for Youtubers?

I have been using the Canon EOS 200D/ Rebel SL2 for creating YouTube videos and it has honestly been a …
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Google Domains Review: 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch Today!

In this blog post, I’m going to give your 9 reasons why I consider the ‘Google Domains’ as the best …
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Start small and grow your business with bootstrapping

Are you ready to start your new business? Most businesses need some money to get started, but which is the …
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