How to blog faster using the WordPress/Wix mobile app

Do you want to blog faster? Create more blog posts per day? Well, I want to share one tip which helped me create content faster and on the go!

In the past when I got blog ideas I had to wait till I got home to create the blog post. But now I create my blog post on the go, as and when I am inspired.

This not only brings out the flow of ideas but also lets me put out content at a much higher rate! Woohoo!

I use the Wix and WordPress mobile app which lets me create and edit blog post on the go.

I also use my built-in Google voice to text feature to quickly create content without having to type it in using my stubby thumbs. Lol!

In the below picture you can see me talking into Google voice to text feature on the Wix mobile app.

WordPress’ mobile application allows you to monitor your website, engage with your audience live and create and edit blog post from your mobile phone. (Amazing)

In fact, this blog post was created on my way to work.

I was inspired to tell you how I was creating a lot of blog posts every day and I simply opened up my Wix mobile app and started talking into it.

In a way, you are actually reading a transcript of my voice.

Now, the system isn’t perfect. For example, Google doesn’t always pick up the right words which means that after you create your first draft you need to go back and do a thorough proofreading.

But that’s not a big deal because you would do that even if you typed it in the first place. Lol!

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