How To Create A Website in 5 mins – The Simple Guide

Do you want to create an amazing website, but you have no idea how to code or don’t really want to hire developers?

Then you’re in the right place. I’m going to show you how to create an amazing looking, fully functional, and secure website in 5 mins without coding a single line. (I’m not kidding)

The smartest and quickest way to create your website is by using a website builder.

You may not be a web designer or a professional coder – that’s where website builders come in. They facilitate the process of creating a website, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of your programming know-how. Using website builders’ streamlined and premade templates and themes, you can easily launch a professional website.

I have paid good money to experience a number of website builders like Weebly, Squarespace, IMCreator, Webydo, etc, and I’ve learned the hard way that there are only two contenders for the top spot. 

The best ones are WordPress and Wix.

While both WordPress and Wix can be used to create amazing websites, Wix is designed to help newbies quickly create a website that they can be proud of.

Wix manages all the technical side of things like domain hosting, domain name creation, site security, and maintenance. This leaves you with a bunch of time to focus on your content and website design.

If you’d like to follow the tutorial on this page, you can start by visiting Wix using the below link.

Wix is for everyone…

No matter who you are—photographer, restaurant owner, musician, hotelier and more, you can manage your website and business all in one place. With Wix, the possibilities are really endless! It’s simple. With Wix, you get the freedom to create a free website that looks exactly the way you want. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Prefer to have a website built for you? Try Wix’s artificial design intelligence (ADI). Need advanced code capabilities? You’ve got that too. With Wix, you get the whole package, including a website builder, reliable web hosting, top security, and the best SEO for your website. And that’s not all, Wix offers a dedicated Support Team that is always there for you.

Easily send beautiful emails, start your own blog, get booked online, open your own online store and more. Over 125 million people worldwide choose Wix to create a website and manage their business online. Still not convinced? Follow the below steps to try out their free website builder yourself.

Step 1: Visit the Wix website

Click the link below to reach my custom page to create your first website

Step 2: Sign Up

Once you click the “Start” button in step 1, the login page comes up. If this is the first time you are creating your account, hit the “sign up” link as shown in the image below.

First time user of Wix? Click the “Sign Up” button to register

Note: When registering with Wix. Register with your best GMAIL email ID. Google now offers domain name registrations and if you use the same email ID across these two services, Google will automatically identify your account on Wix and make it really easy to connect your domain name and hosting services.

On the sign-up page, put in your best Gmail id and password and hit the “sign up” button.

Sign up with your best gmail ID

Step 3: Create your first website

Once you sign up, you will land on your Wix dashboard. Go ahead and click on the “Create New Site” button.

Wix Dashboard

Websites that you create with Wix will show up on your dashboard. In the above image, you will see that there are already 2 websites that I created with Wix and they are showing up on my dashboard.

Step 4: Choose a Template

Once you click on the “Create New Site” button, Wix will show you a list of categories that they have templates for.

Website Template Categories

Remember, you do not need to select one of the categories if you’re not sure. Wix asks you this question so that they can speed up your workflow by showing you more relevant website templates to start with and doesn’t affect the functionality of your website.

Go ahead and hit the “Other” button.

Step 5: Choose between Wix Artificial Design Intelligence or Manual Mode

On the next screen, Wix will ask you if you want to

  1. Let ADI design a website for you
  2. Design your website yourself

ADI is Wix’s artificial intelligence that designs a website by asking you a few questions.

However, I recommend the second option because it gives you more control over your design.

Wix Website Editor Types

Hit the “Choose a Template” button.

Step 6: Choose a Starting Template

On the next screen choose a starting template that most resembles the design you have in mind. Remember, this is a starting template, so don’t worry if you don’t find something you’re looking for. Just choose one that most resembles the design in your mind.

Website Categories

Once you find a template that you like, hover over it with your mouse. Two options will show up, “Edit” and “View”.

If you’d like to see a website that is built with this template for reference, click the “view” button.

If you’d like to start editing this template as your new website, click the “Edit” button.

Click “Edit” to start working on your website

AND…you’re all set. 

After a short loading animation, your website editor will show up.

Edit your website to your heart’s content and hit the publish button on the top right corner of your webpage to go LIVE.

Wix Editor


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