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People Buy Emotions, not products

Individuals buy products that they associate with their identity and are even willing to pay disproportionately to feel fulfilled. That electric car you just purchased? You may think it represents someone who is a cool, environmentally-minded, socially conscious, do-gooder. Or that satchel you just purchased from a local craftsman from a village abroad? It may represent someone who is eclectic, worldly and open-minded. The driving force in life is a need to be fulfilled, and our purchasing decisions are a direct manifestation of this need.

You can always outsource marketing

Marketing is a skill and sometimes, you have not had enough time developing that skill. In this case, outsourcing it to a marketing agency can save you time, effort and money. Marketing agencies will identify, target and market to your audience, create budgets, timelines and analytics for your marketing campaigns.

Price is not the most important purchase factor

Don’t be stuck trying to reduce costs. Customers will pay a higher price if you create a robust, functional, useful product.

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