3 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Domain Name Separately

Most domain hosting services provide free domain name registration when you choose to host a website with them and in this blog post I’m going to explain why buying your domain name from your website hosting services isn’t a great idea.

Here are some examples from inmotionhosting.com and bluehost.com where domain name registrations are free when you subscribe to a hosting package.

Inmotion Hosting offering free hosting

Bluehost offering free hosting

Domain Name registrations cost ₹860/yr or $12/yr and getting it free can really seem like an advantage when you’re trying to launch a website on a budget.

Some of you will even be searching for “Free Domains” and might find it as a tempting offer to see it be given free with many hosting packages…..but….read why it might not turn out in your favor.

While your website hosting service might give you a free domain name registration, it is always better to manage your domain names separately.

Pramod George

Here are 3 very accurate reasons why you should buy your domain name separately.

I’ve attached an excerpt from www.hostingkingdom.com which beautifully summarises the benefits of separating your domain name and hosting services.

I couldn’t have said it better.

It’s Tougher to Transfer Your Domain

Let’s say you try out a hosting company and find that you don’t like it.

However, you love your domain name and want to keep it. If it’s registered through your host, you’ll have to undergo a time-consuming process of transferring your domain name before you leave your web host. 

If your domain name is registered elsewhere, you just have to point it to a new server through your DNS settings.

It’s Not as Secure

The problem with entrusting one company with all your files is that they have control over everything.

If your web host gets hacked and your domain name is registered through them, hackers can transfer the domain name away from your account. 

If your domain and web hosting are separate, you’re less likely to have both hacked at the same time, which adds a layer of security to your site.

Your Web Host May Own Your Domain

This is something I heard a couple of times in my research, but I don’t actually know of web hosts who do this. Still, it’s good to watch out for.

The problem here is that when you buy a web hosting package, some hosts will register the domain name in their name. 

Essentially, your package includes rental of the server space and domain name but not the ownership rights to the domain to do with it as you please.

This is not something I’d worry about too much if you’re using a reputable company.

For instance, Bluehost says, “Subject to the terms of your domain registration agreement, you will retain ownership of your domain until the end of its registration period.” 

With them, you can also transfer your domain away from Bluehost or to another person.

Just be sure to check the terms and conditions of any web host you’re registering through so you don’t run into this issue.


Personally, I use a separate service for registering my domain names!

If you would like to know more about the service which I use to register my domain names, check out the article I wrote – THE BEST domain name registrar in 2018-19.

Google Domains is a domain name registrar owned and operated by Google. Google rolled out the product in 2014, and it’s still in “beta” as of 2018.

Yes, you read it right, Google is now providing domain name registrations.

Cheers, Pramod!

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