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Learn the 3 secrets of building SAAS that will unlock an epiphany in your mind and give you the confidence that you too can build apps - even if you're not technical.


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About Pramod​

I built and launched 2 apps in 2 months - by myself, without knowing how to code, without hiring developers, for close to 0 dollars​

I’ve always wanted to be a Founder, be my own boss and secure my future. I always knew that SAAS was the holy grail of business. But I didn’t know how to code and didn’t have the money to hire developers.

Then in December 2022, I learned about low code tools. But low-code doesn’t mean no-code and that was a showstopper for a non-techical person like me. But to my luck – ChatGPT launched on December 2022 and helped me overcome the barrier of code. 

I spent the next several months learning to leverage low code and AI to build truly scalable processes that replace traditional development practices. Then in September 2023, I built and lanched my first full fledged cross platform SAAS app (Evallo.app) in just 4 weeks, all by myself, without knowing how to code, without hiring developers and did all this for zero dollars. Then in November I created another SAAS (Anntho.com) in just 2 weeks.

Now my framework for software development helps 100s of non-technical people build SAAS, become founders and grow profitable businesses.

SAAS helped me go from being an employee to being my own boss, control my own time and secured my future. 

Now everyday people ask me how I did it.

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