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Hello, I am Pramod and I want to help you save more time, help more people and make more money!

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image compression
If you are not compressing images for your blog you're an idiot! I'm sorry to be so forward, but image compression, in the long run, can not only save you …
Amazon provides us with RSS feeds to help us stay up-to-date with their latest products and offerings. Amazon now offers RSS feeds for their Bestsellers, Hot New Releases, Most Gifted, Most …
canva review
Good images can play a powerful marketing role for your website. We live in a visual world and good images can help attract customer's eyes, improve page view times, user retention …

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About Me

It doesn’t matter how great your idea or solution is. If you can’t raise money or keep generating profit, you will never be able to grow and expand. Money is to a business what fuel is to a car. Without fuel, your car is just a show piece.

I want to help you build better, future proof businesses that can scale and grow and help a lot of people and in order to do that I want to help you understand the world of ethical and digital marketing.

Hi I’m Pramod George, a business analyst by day and an artist/ YouTuber and Podcaster by night. 

My superpower is visual storytelling and I can help you understand business acumen in an easy and memorable way.