Build your Business and Brand FASTER

Low Code Apps

Solutions that can help turn your ideas into code/ apps.


The best tool to build the front end for your apps.



An open source firebase alternative solution for all of your backend needs. Includes databases, Edge functions, Authentication and more.



Build APIs and Functions using AI without coding. The best integration app out there.

Funnel building Apps

Stop building websites and start building Funnels.

An all in one tool for funnel building, marketing, communities and selling products - for $0.



An easy to use open source CMS for creating your website or blog etc. My favourite place to host it is Hostinger which gives you a one click install of WP sites + one FREE domain name.

Skip Years of experimenting

FREE for you!

I spent years finding the best tools so you don't have to. These are tools that I personally use and can vouch for. But not only that, if it's on this list, you can bet that it has the power to change your life. Look for the featured tag to know if it's highly recommended.


There are 100s of books you can read. Then there are some books, you can and must read 100s of times. This list of books belong in the second category. Everything you ever want to know about building a smart business and life is captured in one of these books!

The 4 Hour Work Week

By Tim Ferris

Ditch the 9-5, design your dream life. Escape to freedom with a lean, automated business.


The Compound Effect

By Darren Hardy

Small, daily choices + consistency = remarkable results. Learn the secrets to unlock your full potential, one action at a time.


The Millionaire Fastlane

By M J DeMarco

Ditch the slowlane job. Learn and internalise why you need to build a business to achieve financial freedom FAST.

Business Strategy

Who not How

By Dan Sullivan

Unlock success by focusing on 'who' can help you achieve your goals, not 'how' to do it yourself.

Business Strategy

Dot com secrets

By Russel Brunson

Turn website visitors into customers. Master sales funnels with Dotcom Secrets.


Traffic secrets

By Russel Brunson

Stop chasing traffic! Attract dream customers with proven strategies. Get Traffic Secrets.


Show your Work

By Austin Kleon

The step by step game plan to get discovered online. Beyond the portfolio! Unlock the power of an online presence.


How to win friends and influence people

By Austin Kleon

People skills = success! Build genuine connections & win everyone over. Get the guide.