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“Pramod's background as a non-technical person helps him teach the class in ways that makes any one understand the concept and build apps better.”
Vivek Falod
Finance Professional | Budding Founder
“Not only did I learn to build and launch profitable apps, I learned to become a founder.”
“Resourceful, creative and forward thinking. One month with Pramod and I've zoomed past my peers in my mindset, progress and earnings.”
Vijay Eshwar
Author | Founder

What's included in the program?

Tools, tips, strategies, tactics and support to help you build your app and change your life in 30 days, not 30 years.


Step by step Training to help you build and launch your first app in 30 days.


Connect with other founders, build your network and attract opportunities.

Expert Consultants

Save years of trial and effort by asking experts how they did it.


Change your life in 30 days...

Total Price 1.7 Lakhs (INR) or $2,053 (USD).

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$516 (₹42,796) only

(Applicable Till March 20, 2024, prices will increase after each cohort is filled)

** Contact for an additional 25% discount. Applicable for eligible candidates.

About Pramod

I’ve wanted to build SAAS since forever. I had great ideas and was ready to work hard. But until 2023, it wasn’t easy to build one. You either needed to know how to code or needed tons of money to hire developers to build your product for you – and I didn’t have both.So I continued helping others build their dreams – while mine took a backseat.

Then in 2022, I heard about “Low code” tools and how they can help non-coders build apps visually. It was a miracle – I could create amazing apps simply by dragging and dropping elements and configuring them.

But my joy was short lived when I realised that low-code doesn’t mean no-code. While you could build 95% of the app without coding – In order to build differention and actually go LIVE – you can’t use the default widgets, you still needed to know a little bit of code – For someone like me, who couldn’t tell a semicolon from a shopping cart, that ‘little bit’ felt like a mountain. I felt so close – yet so far. 

That’s when miracle number 2 happened in December 2022 – ChatGPT launched – and boy could it code.

And that’s when it hit me….we had just entered a new age of software development. With the infrastructure that low code tools offered and coding that chatgpt could do for you…you can build any app you want – even if you’ve never built apps before, or don’t know how to code.

I knew this was the future, so in early 2023 – I quit my high paying corporate job to start building my own apps. The rest is history. In September 2023, I built (An app to help businesses find and attract, engage and qualify leads at scale using evaluations) and (An automatic email newsletter platform for businesses to help engage their audiences).

It took me a whole year and 100’s of dollars to figure everything out, but it was totally worth it. What used to take 6-18 months to do and cost millions, I can now do in 3-4 weeks for close to 0 dollars.

I put all of my insights into “The Low Code Founders Framework”, to give new founders a step by step guide to build their app, achieve their dreams, and live a better life – and I love sharing this with everyone.

Objections and Frequently Asked Questions

Classes are scheduled for one hour on every weekday, before or after work hours on Google Meet. Weekends are intended for you to catch up on any classes that you missed.

Classes are scheduled on weekdays for only one hour either before or after work hours. You will also receive recordings of each class. In case you miss one of the classes, you can catch up using the recordings which will be shared on the same day.

This program was designed for non-technical folks. I come from a non-technical background and still built 2 apps in 2 months. The only required qualification for the program is ambition. Everything else can be learned.

This is actually a good thing. Many people fall in love with their idea and become overconfident of their chances. Yet when they go to market, they fail spectacularly. You on the other hand, sound cautious. Here’s what you should do. Build your idea in 2 weeks and put it out there and see what the market says. Confidence about your ability is something that’s gained by doing something many times. With us, you’ll gain the momentum you need to learn, publish and iterate quickly many times at scale.

The Founders Club program is a proven program. Even though the training program is only 30 days, you will have access to the club for one year. I will also personally be invested in your growth and development so you can be sure that you have a better chance of succeeding than trying to do it alone.

Becoming a founder is a lonely and tiring journey. We understand this. That is why we have a community, daily lessons and accountability to help you achieve your goals. With us you have a team that’s invested in your success. When you win – we win.

Learning to build an app is a universal skill. You can use it to build apps for yourself, or become a smarter employee at work. Low code is the future – everyone who has ridden a future wave has become rich. however with the large number of layoffs and downsizing at companies, now is the time to learn a new skill and secure your future. Don’t wait until you don’t have a job anymore to learn something new.

Yes, if you use the wrong tools. However, In The Founders Club, we only work with and teach low code tools that let you own the code for your apps, so you can take your code where ever you like if you don’t like the terms of service of your current host. I believe it’s important to own what you build, so you don’t have to start from scratch (lose your work) if you want to change platforms.

Low code tools are only a layer on top of traditional programming languages and is always scalable. Just open the hood and customise it as you wish.

Low code is just a visual layer on top of of traditional coding programs. It makes development faster, easier and cleaner. This is why it is here to stay. Large enterprises are already hiring low-code developers. Microsoft’s entire power apps series of solutions is betting on low code. Welcome to the future.

Low code tools are built on top of Leading solutions like Google cloud, Firebase, Supabase etc. These platforms natively integrate application, infrastructure, and privacy controls to ensure that apps are protected from most web security risks and mobile threats.